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What is Studio Danza?

A positive and fun environment
Studio Danza is a dance academy founded by 2-time Canadian sport dance champion Danny Arbour. Danny and his partner,
Justine Rainville, are the current directors of this social and competitive dance school.

Their ultimate goal is to grow the sport of ballroom dancing across the country. They strive for excellence through a positive learning environment
and are committed to help dancers of all ages and levels reach their full potential.

Danny and Justine, as Professional National finalists, continue to compete and train together continuously evolving
their dancing repertoire so they can pass on their passion and knowledge to the next generations of dancers.

Why Dancing?

Benefits of dancing
Fun, discipline, flexibility, social circle, cognitive learning (memory, muscles memory), exercise, full body awareness/workout

Here are some remarkable achievements
from the school directors and their students:

So You Think You Can Dance Canada finalist
Choreographer and assistant choreographer of the television series "Les Dieux de la danse",
"Ils dansent" and "So You Think You Can Dance Canada"
Canadian National champions and finalists
Provincial champions and finalists
4840 Bl. St-Jean (Nord), suite 201
Pierrefonds, QC, H9H 4B2
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