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What is Studio Danza

Studio Danza is a social and dancesport club founded by Canadian champion Danny Arbour. Danny and his partner, Justine Rainville, are the owners and directors of this social and competitive school. 

Their ultimate goal is to promote dancesport accros the country. They want to help their students from all ages and level to develop their full potential in a positive and fun environment. 


It’s fun, relaxing, it develops discipline, improves cognitive and muscle memory, flexibility and expands your social circuit.
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Group courses

Come and try our group classes with
your friends!


Possible pour tous les âges et niveaux!  Pro-am, am-am, amateur adults & kids

Kids Classes

Come try our classes for all during the Open House! Free classes September 2024 *Registrations required* 


Danny Arbour

Owner, director, coach & professional dancer

Main coach and artistic director. Private classes, group classes, events, pro-am. Teaches Adults.

Justine Rainville

Manager, coach & professional dancer

Private classes, group classes, “Sports Études”, Troupes, Pro-am, Weddings, events. Adults, teens &  kids. 

Alia Abbas

Competitor dancer

Amateur competitor dancer

Élia Fournier

Amateur instructor, Assistant & Competitor dancer

Group classes, am-am, events Boutchoux, kids & teens

Aidan Bermingham

Competitor, Instructor & amateur dancer 

Private classes, assistants group classes, am-am dancer. Adults & kids.

Justin Laroche

Competitor & Am-Am Dancer

Assistant, Dancer & competitor
Amateur Latin

our partner

We thank our sponsors and supporters.
Do not hesitate to contact them for clothing, shoes and dance accessories.

Inscriptions Automne 2024 en cours!

Adultes & enfants: Portes Ouvertes, cours gratuits & auditions(enfants-ados): 1er SEPT*Inscriptions requises*
Début des cours: 7 septembre 2024

NOUVEAUX cours et horaire: Adultes & enfants (septembre 2024)
Inscriptions Automne 2024(Septembre) OUVERTES!
Programmes compétitifs et récréatifs pour tous!

CAMP DE DANSE: 12-16 août