How do I get started?

Getting started is easy! The first step to dancing is to actually try it. Call us today to schedule an introductory private lesson for just $40!
Since dancing is personal you need to see if you like what and how we teach.

Can I really learn to dance?

Yes! If you can walk, you can dance. Anyone and everyone can learn how to dance. You do not need any sort of previous experience.
Dancing is fun and we like to keep it that way. EVERYONE IS WELCOME!

Do I need a partner?

We offer lessons for couples and singles alike. Our students learn through private and group sessions,
all of which do not require a partner.

Will I have a good teacher?

You are guaranteed to have an instructor with over 10 years of dancing experience and at least 5 years of teaching experience. But don’t be intimidated; we make your learning experience fun, easy and enjoyable.

How should I dress?

Comfort and class is what we encourage. Comfortable, flexible suede dance shoes are best.

Where will I use this style of dancing?

Although many students come to us initially to learn for a special occasion, such as: a wedding, cruise, Bar Mitzvah, etc., they find many other occasions for dance in their personal lives. You will learn basic elements from which the steps are derived and can be used anywhere. So take your “first step” with us now!

Competitive class

Students are very committed and dedicated. Their program is a combination of private classes and group classes. The course is physically demanding, builds their strength, endurance, performance skills, technique and stamina. This group isn’t graded by age, but by level of training. Some wants to prepare an eventual career, others want to have fun an exercise in a healthy competitive atmosphere.

Special tutoring program

To our students that demonstrate commitment, results and dedication in their dancing, we offer them a tutor program that requires them to assist the main instructor in other classes for younger students up to their level. Specific prerequisite must apply.


The school has a specific calendar of competition we participate to. However the parents or the students make the last decision. If the deadline for registration is passed, the student will have to fill up their own registration independently from the studio.

Why competing

We compete to establish clear goal in order to improve faster. The ultimate goal is to reach full potential and improve their next performance from their previous one. Becoming the better version of yourself each time. It develops work ethic, partnership, discipline,
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