Why should my child dance ?

Dancing develops emotional, musical, social and physical skills, like strength, flexibilities etc. It builds self-confidence, teaches teamwork as well as discipline through art and performance. Also, it’s fun!

What classes can my child join?

Depending on their level and ability, the teacher and/or director will be the one who determines which classes or programs are the best fit. Pre-Requisites may be required to attend certain classes.

At what age can my child begin to take dance lessons?

From 4 years old they can start dancing with us!

Why and When should my child participate in a competition?

Competitions are the best way for students to challenge themselves, explore their full potential, get faster results, overcome shyness, improve discipline and develop a sense of accomplishment.

In order to be competition ready, the dancer must dedicate time outside of their lessons to learn and refine their routines, as well as their technique, through repetition and practice The child’s dance instructor will decide when the student is ready to compete.

What they must wear?

*Please confirm teacher approval on outfit

Girls : Black leotard & tutu or skirt or black dress. Dance stockings optionnal
Dance shoes or black chaussons (if heel small one)

Boys: Flexible dress/dance black pants. Leather/rubber soled dance shoes or black jazz shoes.

Suede, Leather or rubber soled dance shoes.
Ask your teacher where you can purchase proper dance attire.
Girls should wear a skirt or dress to the knee. Boys should wear black dress or dance pants with a fitted shirt or t-shirt.

End of the year show costume : 50$ Required dancewear available in studio (shoes not included) : 50$ (Optional)
*You must place an order
To save time and have peace of mind, dance attire can be purchased through Danza studio.
For more information, please ask your dance instructor or studio director.


  • Please make sure that the studio has all your contact information as well as your child’s up to date (phone numbers, e-mails, etc.)
  • It is your responsibility to ensure that you are aware of all events, class schedules, programs updates and changes.

  • You can use the following tools;
  • Parents are not allowed to watch of be in the class with their kids to prevent any distraction.

  • It will be possible at certain times to watch a piece of their performance when the teacher specifies so. During Open House, it will be allowed to watch and dance with them.
  • Filming is allowed when permitted by the teacher at the end of the class.
We grade our student according to their age and physical strength at first. Then, development of each student is different and improves at different pace. It isn’t rare to see young dancers with more advanced students and vice-versa. To ensure the full personal growth and to maximise the potential of each dancer, we revaluate them to make sure they belong to the appropriate level. The beautiful element in our sport is that it also teaches partnership, art and etiquette in an environment that supports and challenges them.

What should my child wear for dance competitions?

Dance costumes, makeup and hair are an integral and important part of competition.
Competition dance attire, hairstyle and makeup must be discussed and approved by the teacher.

A costume may be rented or purchased. However, all costumes must be reviewed and approved by the dance instructor.

For a custom design, we suggest scheduling an appointment with our designer brand Feeling, by Mathieu Caron.

How do I make payments?

All payments must be made by cash or cheque ONLY.
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