Director, Professor &
professional dancer

Justine has been dancing for 11 years, both socially and competitively. Justine’s excellent dance and teaching abilities are supported by her diploma from the Canadian DanceSport Federation (CDF). She teaches both Latin and Standard International style, as well as American Style Rhythm and Smooth Justine now calls Studio Danza her home, where she competes and teaches with her professional dance partner, Danny Arbour.

  • 11 years of experience as a ballroom dancer in social and international dancesport.
  • Assistant teacher on “So You Think You Can Dance Canada”
  • Assistant and Choreographer on “Les Dieux de la Danse.”
  • Canadian National Finalist in Professional division, 2017
  • Certified Professional teacher by Canadian DanceSport Federation (CDF)
  • Quarter finalist of the Under 21 Amateur Latin at Blackpool Dance Festival Championships
  • Canadian National Finalist in the Amateur Latin division, 2013
  • Champion & finalist of all youth & "under 21" Amateur Latin championship in North America
  • Coach for ice dancing
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